Dogleg Ranch

Bandera, Texas

We raise Black Baldy and Black Angus cattle. Our Angus cows are bred to a Hereford bull which produces Black Baldy or Red Baldy calves. In addition to general hybrid vigor that is to be expected with a crossbred, Black Baldy cows are noted for their good mothering abilities. When the calves are big enough, we ween them for a couple of months before sale. To reduce stress at the initial weening, the calves are placed in an adjacent pasture to the cows. The herd is rotated on native pastures throughout the year. We raise our own Sorghum-Sudan Hay as well as Coastal Bermuda Grass to help get the cattle through the winter. Twice a year, the herd is driven into the pens for work. This includes vaccinations, de-worming, tagging, castrating, and a general check-up. When working the cattle, our goal is to minimize stress and to treat the animals humanely. Dogleg calves have taken top sale price at market several times. If you’re in the market for some replacement heifers, a bull, or some beef for your freezer, we’d love to hear from you.